Helpful Resources and Links

Links on local news:

Uptown Messenger – This is a very active news blog run by Robert Morris. Uptown Messenger does original reporting on many issues and events in the Uptown area.

The Lens – A news site focusing on investigative journalism, The Lens specializes on reporting on local government and education, particularly charter schools.

NOLA Defender – A site covering politics, crime and culture in New Orleans.

Helpful City resources:

City of New Orleans and Where Y’at?: Need to get service information for a specific address? Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the City’s website and enter the info.

Resources for Neighborhoods and the Neighborhood Engagement Office help neighborhood associations.

NoticeMe, a personalized notification tool that emails citizens to inform them of opportunities for public input on proposed land-use changes.

BlightStatus: Learn the status or history of a property’s code enforcement violations

OneStop App: Learn about getting a permit or license, or research a property’s permit history.

Crime Mapping: View crime by area or type by visiting

RoadWork: Learn about past, current, and future road work projects that affect your daily life.

Public Meetings: Find information on public meetings and events scheduled by City agencies.

STAT Meetings: Learn about how the City is performing within prioritized areas.

Louisiana SPCA Animal Control: Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding stray animals and collection of animal remains.

Regional Transport Authority (RTA): View bus schedules and learn about public transportation fares in the city.