The Advocate Red Bags

There’s been some concern about the proliferation of red bags in our neighborhood twice a week. They are provided by the Advocate and local businesses advertise their weekly special savings. For every 10 people who don’t use this insert, 1 person depends on it for savings coupons and notices.

For others and especially for the uninhabited or abandoned houses (including out of town owners) these only litter the streets. And ultimately many find their way into the drains, increasing flooding problems on our streets.

If you wish to stop these from being tossed out in front of your house or a neighbor’s who you know does not reside here, please email your request with your address to: [email protected] and you will be taken off the list. It may take a few weeks as this is a one-person office, so he asked us to please be patient as he covers a large area of South LA.

Also, if you wish to be added to the list, please send your request to this email.

We thank The Advocate office for their clarification of this issue.