The Advocate Red Bags

There’s been some concern about the proliferation of red bags in our neighborhood twice a week. They are provided by the Advocate and local businesses advertise their weekly special savings. For every 10 people who don’t use this insert, 1 person depends on it for savings coupons and notices.

For others and especially for the uninhabited or abandoned houses (including out of town owners) these only litter the streets. And ultimately many find their way into the drains, increasing flooding problems on our streets.

If you wish to stop these from being tossed out in front of your house or a neighbor’s who you know does not reside here, please email your request with your address to: and you will be taken off the list. It may take a few weeks as this is a one-person office, so he asked us to please be patient as he covers a large area of South LA.

Also, if you wish to be added to the list, please send your request to this email.

We thank The Advocate office for their clarification of this issue.

Uptown Messenger coverage of General Meeting

Uptown Messenger covered our General Meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd at Xavier Prep. See Robert’s coverage HERE.


Faubourg Avart has its own neighborhood on the popular private social network, NextDoor. NextDoor verifies your information including name and address, and is great for everything from lost pets, recommendations for a great painter to organizing a neighborhood event. And there are easy mobile versions as well.

To sign up for our local site, go to  It’s very easy, but if you have any questions on how to sign in or use the site, please email Nancy and she’ll be happy to walk you through it.

We love NextDoor and encourage you to sign up for it!

General Meeting Fall 2015

Our Fall meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 7pm at St Katherine Drexel (formerly Xavier Prep). We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

General Meeting Spring 2015

Council Member Cantrell Addressing the FANA General Membership Meeting

Council Member Cantrell Addressing the FANA General Membership Meeting

Faubourg Avart held its Spring General Meeting at St Katherine Drexel Prep on April 29, 2015. Council Member LaToya Cantrell was the featured speaker, and caught the attendees up on recent events.

Also present was a representative from the Mayor’s office, Greg Lawson. He is the District B Liaison for the City.

FANAfacts Newsletter December 2014


news, reports and links about your neighborhood and the Faubourg Avart Neighborhood Association

Friday December 12, 2014

FANA to Work to Amend New CZO to Require Restaurants to Obtain Conditional Use Permits on Magazine St.

When the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) is passed into law next year most of Magazine Street will be zoned for commercial development, including our blocks of Magazine in Faubourg Avart. One of the permitted uses will be standard restaurants, which are sit-down restaurants. This has alarmed many Uptown neighborhood associations who have banded together and are lobbying the City Council to amend the proposed CZO to require standard restaurants to obtain a “conditional use permit.” What this would mean is that neighborhood associations and individual neighbors would be involved in the permitting process, similarly to when FANA was involved in the opening of Pizza Domenica last year. FANA has been asked to join this coalition of Uptown neighborhood associations.

This issue was discussed at the FANA General Meeting last month and the majority of those present voiced support for FANA joining the list of Uptown associations that want restaurants to have to apply for a Conditional Use permit. Because of that response at the meeting, as well as e-mails from members that have been received, the Board of FANA will join with the other Uptown neighborhood associations and request that the latest draft of the new CZO be amended to require that new restaurants obtain a conditional use permit.

Study on One-Way Streets in Faubourg Avart

At the FANA General Meeting last month there was a discussion with a representative of the City regarding the process of converting some streets in Faubourg Avart from two-way to one-way. Apparently the City is very open to neighborhood-led initiatives. In order to gauge whether there is support for converting some streets to one-way, if you have a comment on this issue, be it in support or opposition, and if in support if you could name the streets that you believe should be converted to one-way, please send that comment to

Crime Reports

On Monday December 8 at 5:30 AM a woman coming home from work in the 5300 block of Camp was robbed. Video cameras in the area caught images of two men checking car doors earlier that morning near Camp and Soniat. As a reminder please keep your car doors locked and your porch lights on.
FANA is continuing to use as its private social media site and everyone living in Faubourg Avart is invited to join. If you are interested in joining please reply to this e-mail and you’ll receive instructions on how to register. The site is a great place to discuss neighborhood issues, post announcements, ask for recommendations, etc. Currently 167 residents in Avart are registered for the Nextdoor site.

Board Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy on the Board of Directors of FANA. If you are interested in serving on the Board please send an e-mail to stating so. One skill that we can most use is someone who can update FANA’s website, which is in WordPress. Deadline for nominations would be December 31.
Membership Renewals

FANA’s dues are annual so now is the time to pay your dues for 2015. You can use the attached form to make your renewal. Dues are $25 for a family and $15 for individuals.

General Meeting April 23, 2014

The next General Meeting of FANA will take place on Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria at St. Katharine Drexel Prep (formerly Xavier Prep).

First Meeting a Success!

Over fifty residents attended the first general meeting of the Faubourg Avart Neighborhood Association, which took place Wednesday February 27. Highlights of the meeting include:

  • Introduction of the Board of Directors – Aimee Bonomolo, Tom Trouve, Diane Sinclair and Mark Tullis.
  • A brief history of the formation of FANA, including reasons why the particular boundaries were chosen and the origin of the Avart name.
  • Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and proposed By-Laws were distributed to those in attendance.
  • Bryon Cornelison from Councilmember Latoya Cantrell’s office addressed the group to answer questions regarding city services.
  • Bryan Lagarde of Project NOLA made a presentation of his organization’s surveillance camera program.
  • Kendric Perkins of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission discussed upcoming events at Wisner Park.
  • Special thanks to St. James Cheese Company and The Wine Seller for providing food and drinks.
  • Also a big thanks to Diane Sinclair to allowing her home to be the venue for the first meeting.

The next meeting will be in May.


Streetwalker column

R. Stephanie Bruno’s Streetwalker column on January 25th featured the 5200 block of Laurel Street, which is located within Faubourg Avart.

Notice of First General Meeting

FANA will hold its first General Meeting on Wednesday February 27 at 7:00 PM at 1305 Soniat Street. An Agenda will be published here within a week of the meeting.