General Meeting Agenda

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7:00 PM


  1. Greetings and Introduction of the Board
  2. Membership Update, Finance Report and Website
  3. Guest Speakers
    1. Councilmember LaToya Cantrell
    2. Greg Lawson of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement
    3. Chief McConnell of NOFD
    4. Lt Francois of NOPD 2nd District
    5. Nick Kindel of City Planning Commission
  4. Issues
    1. Report by Committee on Storm Water Drainage Problem:
      1. New Funding
    2. Report by Committee on Street Direction and Signage Changes
    3. New Property Committee:
      1. Proposed neighborhood survey
    4. HDLC Jurisdiction Expansion into Uptown
    5. Upcoming Board Elections
  5. Questions and Concluding Comments
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